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Trade show Screen Print- screen printing mesh

Good quality Screen Printing Mesh for sales
Good quality Screen Printing Mesh for sales
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Trade show Screen Print- screen printing mesh

2016.12.04,Screen Print, a three-day screen printing trade show kicked off on Thursday in Sri Lankan capital city of Colombo. The trade show focuses on areas like screen printing, textile printing, non-woven printing, digital printing, label printing, and sublimation printing. The event is offering a platform to display latest products and innovative technologies.

Trade show Screen Print- screen printing mesh

Screen printing is one of the methods for printing of textiles. This is also a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface. It is also known as silkscreen, serigraphy, and serigraph.

Trade show Screen Print- screen printing mesh

There is a saying very vivid - except for water and air, any object can be used as substrates.
As a technology for T-shirt embroidery printing - screen printing technology, for the industry this is not a strange term, but for the layman, it becomes a bit strange. What is screen printing? In fact, as long as we come into contact with the screen printing products related to many people will be able to understand. Such as: T-shirts on the merchandise signs, business card stickers on the pattern, tobacco and alcohol cosmetics box on the pictures, cell phone cases, glass and other items on the exquisite pattern elements, etc., which are through the "screen printing" technology Up, with the application of the industry in recent years, the scope of the expansion of the market, many screen printing manufacturers have new layout of the market.
Screen printing technology is the oldest of all printing methods, with a wide range of printing materials, wide selection of inks, printing in all modern printing ink thickness of the best features, in recent years, the printing market continues to heat up. Modern screen printing technology, it is the use of photographic materials by way of photo-plate making screen printing plate (so that the screen version of the graphic part of the screen hole for the through-hole, rather than the text part of the mesh hole is blocked live). Printing squeeze through the squeegee, the ink through the text part of the mesh transfer to the substrate, forming the same with the original graphic.
It is precisely because of this unique printing technology, screen printing in the printing industry market has a pivotal position. Moreover, with the printing manufacturers continue to improve the new technology, new technology, screen printing has become the industry's most widely used printing technology market. Covering a wide range of applications is also the screen printing to obtain the favor of the business one of the main. According to the information in the international screen printing industry in the textile network accounted for about 50%, it involves people's daily lives in the clothing, accessories, bedding, interior decoration, health supplies and shoes, hats, and flags and publicity materials, etc. . Screen printing technology in the printing industry as screen printing, in the textile printing and dyeing industry is known as the "screen printing."

Trade show Screen Print- screen printing mesh

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