Ceramic printing mesh

November 22, 2016
Latest company news about Ceramic printing mesh

Ceramic printing mesh
With the application of screen printing in the ceramic industry, the decorative patterns on the ceramic are more three-dimensional, the enamel is very thick and the color is very bright, and looks like painted with enamel. The pattern than the general use of blown pattern is more refined, the production efficiency is also improved a lot. As the screen printing on the decorative ceramic have many of the above advantages, so its wider range of applications.
Ceramic products directly to the screen printing process refers to the ceramic blank directly on the implementation of the printing method, which is characterized by:
① process is simple, easy to operate;
② less processes, high efficiency, conducive to the realization of mechanized production. According to the needs of the market, self - arranged production, greatly reducing the order of decorative materials (referring to spent paper) of the time, shortening the production cycle and improve product resilience;
③ can be carried out in different batches of printing;
④ can be used cold-inked, can also be used hot-printing porcelain ink;
⑤ with a complete pattern, no interface, three-dimensional strong, simple, beautiful and so on, especially for large-scale decorative murals.

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