Selection of filter cloth

December 6, 2016
Latest company news about Selection of filter cloth

The right choice of filter cloth is not an easy task. The reason is a wide range of filter cloth, filter structure of a wide range, the nature of the filter slurry and filter conditions vary. In addition, the current filtering theory can not give us a specific selection guide. Because of the above complex factors, making the choice of filter cloth is very difficult. So now we can do is to fully understand and understand a variety of filter cloth and try to consider the various filter factors under the premise of selecting a more reasonable compromise.

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The selection of the filter cloth can be carried out in the following order:
1. selection of filter dewatering equipment in line with the type of filter cloth. For example, in the case of a drum filter, its vacuum suction is low, in order to avoid the filtration resistance, it is not appropriate to use the fine holes in the filter cloth, and thus it is difficult to get a high clarity of the filtrate. On the other hand, in the case of a pressure filter, the filter pressure is 0.1 to 2.0 MPa, so a thick filter cloth having fine eye pores can be used to obtain a filtrate having a high clarity.
2.selection of corrosion-resistant material. Chemical fiber on almost all of the acid-base have a high corrosion resistance. But the special liquid and organic solvents, the corrosion resistance is poor.
3. selection of materials resistant to filtration temperature. General filter cloth can temperature 80 ℃ or so.
4. filter roughly determine the thickness of the eye. In order to obtain a clear filtrate, the eye of the filter cloth should of course be fine. However, in the filter cake filter case, due to the phenomenon of bridging, so the filter cloth eye than the solid particles can be slightly larger. For particles below 10 μm, if flocculation occurs, it is not considered to be a single particle.
5. determine the shape and weaving fiber type. Mainly based on the ability to capture solid particles, filter cake peel strength and strength to decide.
6. appropriate price comparison.
7. filter with the primary filter test, to provide the basis for making the final decision.

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