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What is the basic requirement of screen printing?

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Good quality Screen Printing Mesh for sales
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What is the basic requirement of screen printing?
What is the basic requirement of screen printing?
What is the basic requirement of screen printing?
1 tensile strength is large. Tensile strength refers to the ability to resist rupture when the wire mesh is pulled. The tensile strength is large, the wire mesh is resistant to stretch, and the tension can be used when the network is stretched.
2 The elongation rate is small. Elongation is the ratio of the elongation to the original length of the wire mesh under certain tension. The elongation is large, the stability of the plane is poor, imprinting is also prone to deformation. Of course, if the elongation is too small, it is unfavorable to printing.
3 good elasticity. Resilience refers to the ability of the mesh to restore the status quo after stretching. Resilience is good, the edges of the imprinting are clearer. But the resilience is large, it means that the deformation of the screen is also large, which in some extent will affect the accuracy of printing. Therefore, according to the requirements of screen printing, choose the appropriate elastic mesh back.
4 The stability of temperature and humidity is better. screen to the temperature and humidity of the stability of a good change, then version of the tension of the base screen is more stable, seihan quality can be stable.
5 The adoption of ink is better. Because the screen printing is used to print the principle of leakage, so the ink must have a good pass, can be better imprinted, while the screen should be smooth, not raising.
6 Good abrasion resistance. Screen printing is the use of scraping knife ink in the silk screen scraping pressure to penetrate the substrate, thus in the printing process of the screen to be a greater friction. If the screen abrasion resistance is poor, it is easy to make up because of breakage, affect printing quality.
7 Good chemical resistance. Screen printing in Seihan, printing process, will use acid, alkali and many organic solvents, in order to reduce their impact on the screen strength, such as the screen should be enough to resist chemical.
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