When to use a nylon mesh?

March 18, 2017
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When to use a nylon mesh?
Currently most widely used screen printing is a polyester mesh, this is because the strong Polyester mesh, relatively stable, generally not under the influence of moisture and solvents.
Use of nylon mesh is not common, but it has container printing needs good characteristics. Nylon is not as stable as polyester, in the printing process will be stretched, in printed container is an advantage. Printed in the container, a container to another container's roundness is inconsistent, to force the screen when printing line with irregular surfaces, therefore, nylon mesh suitable for printing small and slightly irregular surface, nylon mesh has good flexibility helps the printing process.
In the case, usually printed, generally do not use nylon mesh. Nylon is hydrophilic, is easier to absorb moisture. If the nylon absorbs water, distortion may occur. Nylon vulnerable to the effects of climate change and water based inks. In addition, the tensile properties of nylon make it less stable, does not provide accurate and consistent accuracy.
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